We Become What We Think Dr Wayne Dyer #waynedryer #spiritual #truth #thoughts #powerful#mind#reality

I hope you enjoy the beach and ocean scenes throughout the video. Be inspired by Wayne Dryer dropping truth about thoughts.

Dr. Wayne Dyer believed that we become what we think about. He believed that our thoughts have a powerful influence on our reality and that by focusing on positive thoughts and intentions, we can shape our lives in positive ways. In his book "The Power of Intention," Dyer writes, "Thoughts are things, and they have a powerful influence on your life. Whatever you focus your thoughts on, you bring into your reality." He encourages readers to be mindful of their thoughts and to actively focus on positive thoughts and intentions in order to manifest positive change in their lives. Dyer also believed that our thoughts are interconnected with our emotions and actions. He writes, "Your thoughts, emotions, and actions are all interconnected. If you change one, the others will follow. By changing your thoughts, you can change your emotions and actions, and in turn, change your reality."

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