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Meditation Is Important At All Ages! Create Your Meditation Space

Meditation Is Important At All Ages! Create Your Meditation Space

I remember when I first started mediating, it wasn't easy. My mind would wander off then I would become discouraged because I couldn't seem to relax. It felt like I was fighting myself to meditate. I finally setup a meditation room so I would have a space for truly relaxing. A meditation space reminds us of our intention to practice stillness.

How to Create Your Meditation Space

1. Determine the purpose of your space.

Do you want to have a private place for meditation, or to have shared space with others? Is it to create a serene feeling in your home, or for you to seek inner calm and clarity? The purpose of your space will help you determine where it should be and what you will need. 

2. Find a space.

You don’t need an entire room for meditation – a corner of a room will do. I use the corner of my workout room as one of my mediation spaces. Based on the purpose of your space, you could make it in a main area of your house, or simply in an empty corner. You could even make one in your backyard or garden.

 3. Decorate your space.

Next, consider what images or objects will fit the purpose of your space. It’s generally recommended to go for a minimalist approach to decorating your meditation area, in order to avoid distractions. My space has a Asian Wooden LED Shelf Floor Lamp to display several peaceful items. Plus a Himalayan Salt Lamp to provide a pure and natural source of light. 

 4. Supply your space.

You don’t really need anything to meditate besides your body and breath. But if you use a meditation pillow cushion, a singing bowl,  or a Woodstock Chimes Zenergy Chime to decorate your space.

 5. Make your space sacred.

You should associate this area of your home with stillness, with special time for yourself or your family that is devoted to meditation and relaxation.



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